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Gypsy Ch!c

Every so often, we’ve got to dress up. I am not referring to you putting on your jeans with no holes, or wearing a shirt you picked up off the floor that you're pretty sure is clean because it smells fresh. I mean really fancy-schmancy. Some hate it, but do it anyway while beaming a painted on smile and downing a cosmo. Others relish in the opportunity to cause a scene by walking into the party (meeting, dinner, doesn’t matter) and flipping their hair as they sachet by each individual while oozing confidence all over them. 

I happen to not mind it, myself. The key for me, to really enjoy it, is staying true to my personal style. I cannot throw on a peplum dress with a giant statement necklace and a giant platform wedge and be expected to be anything less than miserable. Let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with that look. If you put on that exact look, and it encompasses who you are and you feel like Yonce, then it is perfect for you. In fact, I have styled clients in that look. The point I am making is that it is no where near my aesthetic for a wardrobe. So it ain’t gonna happen. 

Sometimes, the staple pieces in a look are what reflect your swagger. Other times, it is the accessories and bonus add-ons that bring it full circle. 

For this look, I wanted to keep it very classy and elegant, but was really feeling a bohemian vibe at the same time. Weird combination. You can’t picture Amal Clooney with bangles stacked up to her elbows, a long maxi skirt, and a scarf tied around her head while holding up a peace sign. Did your brain just explode?!

Happy mediums, people. Here we go.

I started with this fitted, knit dress. It’s long sleeves and midi length keep it graceful, while the tight fit brings in the sexy. It is wonderful to show off the curves the Lord gave you without literally having them out on display like an exhibit at the Perot Museum.  

Next, I grabbed my new babies. I had been dying for these pumps, and for Christmas, Santa was WAY too good to me. This pump, named the “So Kate,” is a classic pointed-toe, but knocks em dead with a whopping six inch heel height. If you are wondering why these may look familiar, Zendaya has them, I’m pretty sure, in every single color, texture, and pattern they come in. I know they look scary to walk in, and they totally are. But I decided a broken ankle or a dramatic plummet to the ground is totally worth getting to wear these bad boys.

At this point, the look is completely chic and timeless. I just felt that it needed some jazz. Then, lastly, I added the cake-topper. Another Christmas present (damn Santa, thanks) was this medallion waist belt. It is so fun, and adds a completely random, yet complimentary pop of gypsy to the outfit. Yep, you can have pops of a different trend, not just color. 

And there’s the look! If a bohemian twist isn’t your jam, add something that will make it more preppy: a simple, thin, leather waist belt or a tailored blazer. Or, transform it into a look with edge by wearing it with an object that has spikes or studs.

Be true to yourself. Have fun. and stop being a hag.


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