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Western Swagger

One of the easiest accessories, also one of my personal faves to throw on while running out the door shouting out loud (even though you are home alone) "I'm just going to shave my head" due to the fact that you're having the hair day from hell, is a wide brimmed hat. Even when you didn't wake up with flat roots or crimped's still a great accessory. I tend to wear one more often than not. Wide brimmed hats add an extra funk to an otherwise drab outfit. They also work with styles across the board: hipster, preppy, all-American, bohemian, rocker. 
Only because me and one of my best gals had a conversation about it the other day, (what's up Fal) I feel obligated to mention that I am only talking about wide brimmed hats at this point. Not fedoras. NOT...fedoras. 
Moving right along. 
Another factor that is great about these gems is they come in an infinite array of fabrics and textures. Giving you the freedom to go for any aesthetic you want for the day ahead. 
The favorite of my hat children as of current is this brown, distressed, leather babe. I not only love the fit but I adore the rustic western feel of it. My small town roots run deep y'all. It's in my bones. 
I had a lot of fun putting this look together because I decided, in the midst of standing in my closet awkwardly dancing and blaring rap music, to really go for a cowgirl inspired chic. That totally makes sense, right? 
I put on my go-to leather pants, along with this great, super comfy graphic tee. Initially, I grabbed my shredded denim jacket and put it on, but loved the weird bulkiness of it tied around my waist. I apologize that I was too lazy to make that sound more appealing. To wrap it up in a big bow, I wore my ankle-height western boots. Sort of like cowboy-ish book ends. (I giggled at that but I'm well aware that probably no one reading this will). 

There you have it kittens! The look. If you don't like the thought or appearance of a jacket around your waist, switch it for a flannel or sweater. Or, if you want to ditch anything around your waist, simply wear the jacket/sweater and rock it. 

Be true to yourself. Be true to your roots. And stop being a hag

This post is in memory of my favorite leather pants. We had a good run. They ripped going to battle. By battle I mean they completely tore down the crotch while I was bending over to put my German Shepherd puppy in her crate. I sat in shock for a solid 3 minutes, which I consider a nice moment of silence for these perfectly hugging pants. Feel free to do the same. 


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