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Just one of them days. A hag day. You're not feeling it. You've found the perfect cozy spot in your bed, your eyes literally won't open as if they, too, are protesting, and you know for a fact that outside the warmth of your covers your room is freezing. Or: you're hungover, can already feel the zit you knew would grow into Mount Vesuvius overnight, bloated, have spilled hot coffee all over yourself after your dog jumped on you with excitement, etc. The list could go on. 
But, guess what? Shit happens. You can't let it slow you down. There's places to go and people to see! (Insert another common cheesy quote here, if you'd like, as if that one wasn't enough). Get yourself together, dolls. 
Something that could aid in getting you through a day of blah, is being comfortable while looking ta-da. Did that kind of rhyme?!
I personally, in these circumstances, like to grab my favorite big baggy tee and my equally baggy denim. The foundation of your outfit is set, and you feel like you're in your pjs. You also look homeless. Or at least I do bc my jeans are completely shredded. And I love it. 
Here comes the magic act! Grab a pair of heels or, like I did, some booties that don't make your feet feel like they may be bleeding. Luckily, it's winter. So, another layer that is usually necessary and perfect to bring this look home is a tailored coat or jacket. 
Without much effort you look chic, and are less likely to punch the barista in the nose who put soy in your coffee when you clearly asked for almond milk. 
If you hate the pulverized jean, edit the look to your liking with either a non-distressed boyfriend denim, or trash the bag all together and wear a fitted pair that you find the most comfortable. You can also interchange the giant shirt and coat with a cozy sweater.
Get up. Get over it. Get yourself together. And stop being a hag


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