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You Wore That Belt Last Week.

As it turns out, I have managed to create an outfit that produces an obscene amount of noise. I sound like a belly dancer walking into the saloon of an old western movie. Literally. The sequins on the dress make a faint noise as they clink together, the medallions of the belt obviously clamor, and the booties truly resemble the sound of spurs. The reason I’m taking the time to tell you this, is because I would like to disclaim that you can find different pieces that will not draw awkward attention to yourself because you are causing a racket from a mile away. OR, this may serve as a warning for those of you who would/will wear these gems. I am not responsible for the reindeer that will follow behind you because it is off season and they can hear you jingling from the North Pole. I think you get the point. 

After all of that nonsense, I have to say, this is one of my favorite looks. It totally encompasses my style! It is fun, flirty, and there are an array of different places I could wear this look. A concert, cool dinner (cool as in rad or neat, not temp), brunch, a date with a dude with style, etc. 

I’m obsessed with the mix of bohemian and a slight rocker edge. It makes the overall look pretty nifty and unique, and the sassy length gives you the opportunity to show off those legs you have been killing yourself several times a week at the trainer for! 

The wide brimmed black felt hat compliments and carries up the black of the bootie, creating balance. While the subtle neutrals get a major slam of antique-esque silver taking it to another dimension. I made that sound pretty intense, but I feel like that is totally acceptable. 

It may not be a random 80 degree day when you try to rock this get-up (thank you Lord for random Dallas weather) so if you find yourself a little chilly throw on a leather jacket, easy peasy.  

If you do not twirl around at least once when wearing a dress with this kind of flow, you’re boring. But oh, one last warning, if there is a gust of wind.. hello Marilyn! 

Have fun. Cause a scene. and stop being a hag



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