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Man Candy

October: Jordan Howell 


I present to you, Mr. October himself. This dashing gent is not only easy on the eyes, but his smooth as molasses southern accent could coax any dame into a coma. I mean that in an extremely positive way, incase you didn't pick up on my tone there. Jordan is a Medical Device Manager in Tennessee, and definitely knows how to slay in some scrubs. He's totally hilarious and completely lovable. Get to know a little bit more about J with the Q&A down below, and enjoy these delicious photos of his biceps.



Me: If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

J: That's an easy one...puppy. All the girls love you, and all you have to do is sleep, eat, and get pet.

Me: Basic but cute, real cute. 

Me: Favorite thing to order at brunch?

J: A "meathead" breakfast bowl. Eggs, bacon, sweet potato, and avocado.

Me: Cool so I need one of those stat...

Me: You have a very smooth southern accent. Do you ever use it to your advantage?

J: People tell me that but I don't hear it in myself. So...I don't know. You tell me. know it's a weapon. I'm on to you.

Me: What is your method for successfully twerking?

J: Light on my feet, active hips, and an occasional wobble.

Me: Solid technique. I'm sure that took years of practice to master. 

Me: Are you able to even?

J: Not sure what you're asking. What does that mean, Tay?

Me: It's ok that was intended to confuse you. The question served it's purpose. 


Stop being a hag. 

Photography: Sukilynn

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