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Sleeveless Knit and Shredded Denim

IT'S HERE. Fall is finally here!!!! I mean...basically. We are still getting some warm weather but for the most part, it is feeling damn good outside. I can't even tell you how pumped I am. It's my favorite season of the year! 

No, I do not drink pumpkin spice lattes, they make me nauseous. I don't mean the idea of them, really, but they physically make me feel sick when I drink them. I adore it for the weather. Does that make me less basic...? Probably not. 

I'm a big fan of layering. Layering is when I tend to get the most creative with my outfits. However, in the hellacious time that is summer in Texas, doing so is not really an option. At least not a smart one, hello heat stroke. Upper lip sweat, anyone? Eh. 

While for the most part it is now an absolute dream outside, especially in the mornings and evenings, during the day it can lean a little more to the warm temps. So, what better way to embrace the love fest that is fall and layers than with a sleeveless sweater?! 

This particular sweater, in my opinion, is perfect. The think knit and delicious oversized turtle neck make my heart happy. It is also insanely soft. But, The fact that it is sans sleeves makes it so you don't get too warm while out in that mid-day sunshine. 

I layered the sweater over an super long tank to keep the look from being too blah, as well as to elongate the look. It gives the outfit a great street style feel. 

I paired the top half with my reoccurring shredded jeans to once again give this wardrobe some flare and street inspired feels. I also threw on these crazy comfortable and fantastic booties. So fall, and so necessary. 

If it is chillier wherever you are, or if you want to take this look into the winter months, it would look just as amazing with a moto jacket or trench coat as an extra top layer. 

 Jump into fall (<---EWWWW). Layer up, And stop being a hag.  

Sweater  II  Tank  II  Jeans  II  Shoes

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