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Leather on Leather

No, I am not doing a post based on the fashions of a local bike gang. Although...I do think that would be very intriguing. Their patched up jackets and sick boots, I'm all about it. 

Leather-on-leather can be hit or miss. The point is to not look like you are entering into a life crisis. You don't want your friends and family to hit the panic button. The best way to avoid that drama, is to layer. When done in such a way, I think it can be super chic. 

I started with my favorite (my only) leather pants. The tight fit hugs in all the right places. I also prefer a skinny fit on myself for this look, but you can wear whatever style your heart desires. No effing rules. 

Here's where the layering is key. KEY people. The top half of the outfit. This is where you break up both pieces and make it more of a leather oreo. 

As you probably noticed (or didn't) I am all about layering with an extra long tank. It's the perfect base piece bc there are no sleeves to bunch or add extra heat, and it provides extra length. On top of that I put on this yummy cashmere split sweater. Just.....yum. So cozy. The slits on the sides supply a nice touch of style from an otherwise basic sweater. I also broke up the black with the grey. 

Lastly, and obviously, the leather jacket. This moto jacket...ol reliable. I've had this bad boy since I was in high school. I saved up my money from my retail job and bought it myself. Expensive as hell, yeah. Worth it? Duh. I'm a firm believer in investing in a piece like this. I wear it ALL THE TIME. Still. 

The fit is perfection, and the details set it off. Rather than putting it completely on, I did what I have been doing a lot of lately (and will continue to do), and draped it on my shoulders. Chic. 

Kept it simple and comfortable with the kicks and wore my old AF Nike sneaks. Plus that is totally a thing right now. Wearing Nike sneakers. So. Just trying to stay on point. 

I'm hoping this goes without saying, but you can accomplish the exact same look with vegan leather :)

Don't be afraid of leather on leather. Don't forget to layer. And stop being a hag.

Pants  II  Tank  II  Sweater  II  Jacket  II  Shoes

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