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A Warm Mule

It's that time of year...Thanksgiving with the fam and/or friends giving with your peeps. If you are hosting, it is essential to provide the libations. I mean, yes, I'm sure someone will show up with something to put in a cup as well. But be a good host. Being a wine gal myself, I'm all about a killer glass of vino with the inevitable gorge fest. It's nice, however, to surprise your guests by having a nice cocktail option. 

Moscow Mules are a solid go-to, plus, you (can) serve them in those awesome copper mugs that look so perfect for a fall time table scape (will be posting that next week, so stay tuned for that). 

Thing being, I just didn't feel that a traditional mule had a warm enough flavor that I feel is necessary for the season. So all I did was swap the vodka, and it made all the difference. 

Whiskey. The key, is whiskey. You can use any whiskey you prefer. The best part, is this gem of a drink is only THREE ingredients. That's it. So you can either make it in advanced and have a chilled cocktail waiting for your first guests in a shaker. Or, you can make it for them on the spot and it isn't in the least bit labor intensive or time consuming. 


1 1/2 shots whiskey

1 1/2 limes

ginger beer

In the shaker, add whiskey over ice (duh) and squeeze the limes right on in there. Shake like your life depends on it, then pour into the mug. Then, pour the ginger beer over the top, garnish with a lime wedge (or some fresh herbs would be divine, I regret not doing that instead) and voila! EASY. 

Enjoy your cocktail. Impress your guests. And stop being a hag.

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