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NYE Looks

Look uno 

WARNING #1: You WILL walk right past this dress in the store because it looks like it belongs in a Chico’s on the hanger. I mean, in all seriousness, it looks like complete frump when it is hanging. 

I saw it and walked over to it because of the color. Hellooooo red hot goodness. Then, I immediately felt disappointed looking at the drape of it (again, on the hanger). Eh…who misplaced this dress in Nordstrom from J. Jill, you know? But, after noticing the slit, I decided why not try it on.

Cue every sexy love song you’ve ever heard. Also, the hallelujah angels. This baby is ENTIRELY different on the body. 

The plunging neckline, perfectly draped and open back, thigh-high slit, and the curve hugging fit made mama’s heart sing!

WARNING #2: DON’T base the fit in the dressing room off of the liner. When I slipped this dress on initially it was way to tight around my bum. I couldn’t even bend down to pick up my purse to take a mirror pic of it. It wasn’t puckering, or pulling, however. So, when I got home I cut out the bottom lining. Now it fits perfectly. 

I wanted the dress to be a stand alone. I also wanted to be somewhat comfortable considering I would already be worrying about my ta-tas popping out (I recommend fashion or double stick tape). 

For shoes, I went with my go-to, trendy booties. They added a nice, unexpected, edge while still complimenting the ensemble. Did I mention easy and pie to walk in? Ok. 

I put on this body chain underneath the dress and it was TA-DA. It was just enough without competing with my little red lover. Sexy, elegant, and chic. Done and done. 


Look dos 

This look is flirty, chic, edgy, and sassy all rolled into one happy ball of style yumminess. 

This dress is just right for someone like me on NYE. Listen…you are not going to see me in a sequin club dress. It just won’t happen. However, the metallic silver of this pattern is festive in the best way. 

The draped leather (I know, I know, again) over adds a nice contrast of a little bit of structure while still bringing home that “rock” element. 

Finally, the thigh-high suede boots.

I could have stopped with that, I think, but they are what pulls this look together. Such a hot shoe, while still being classic. Also, a very chic way to keep your legs warm. Turns out it’s winter. 

Be festive. Be different. Feel beautiful. And stop being a hag.

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