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Over The Knee And Above The Waist

The most wonderful time of the year. Christmas music playing everywhere you go, twinkling lights strewn throughout the city, the cold, brisk, weather. Just because it is cold outside, doesn't mean we need to sacrifice our style. It is all about layering, and making sure those layers will keep you warm. No one thinks it is cute when you under dress and are shivering/teeth chattering just so you can show off some skin in the WINTER. Don't be that person. 

Over the knee boots are perfect for this season. I mean, realistically they are fab all year round, but my point is warmth. Especially when they are layered over a pant, they keep your legs nice and warm. It's like a leather coat wrapped around the majority of your leg. 

I LOVED the look of these boots with the curve hugging high-waisted jeans I'm wearing here. It makes your legs look dramatically longer. I mean, who doesn't like to feel like you have Gisele legs for a day. Plus, the tightness of the boot and pant perfectly show off your bangin bod without losing your dignity in a club dress (I call them sausage casings, and I am not sorry). 

I went with this yummy cropped sweater, because it is not only cozy, but you don't lose the "high-waist" of the pant, which is kind of the point. That booty, though.

Finally, to top it off, I went with my (everyday, can e be serious for a second) leather moto. It was the perfect compliment to the look, and added the edge that I felt it needed. 

For accessories, I went with my obnoxious dinner plate of a gold watch and my new glasses. 

Here's the deal with the glasses...I went to get my eyes checked after five years of avoiding it. Turns out, they aren't 20/20 like they used to be. Was I depressed? Um, yeah. I think it's too soon for the descent of the eye sight to be dwindling. But, I blame it on staring at a all these dumb screens all the damn time. Oh, well. Anyway, got these new glasses out of it and I actually like them so. It works. I only need them to drive at night or, as my optometrist put it, "to the movies, or when you want to see things more clearly." Oh, so you mean all the time, great thanks. 

If you aren't a fan of the high-waist, this look would also look great with a regular denim, a longer sweater, and a structured coat. 

Dress for the weather. Look presentable and fresh. And stop being a hag


Jeans  II  Boots  II  Sweater  II  Jacket  II  Watch  II  Glasses

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