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Knowing that Valentines Day is coming up, and being a single gal, I was trying to think of fun ways to spend the holiday other than going to a restaurant with your fellow singles only to stumble into a set menu situation surrounded by couples gawking at each other while their drool falls into their food…then darting a glare in your direction when you and your group get a little too loud after a couple glasses of wine. Several things came to mind but the one I was the most fond of, was a super mac-n-cheesy, corn-on-the-cob corny, pajama party! The thought of spending the evening with my bests comfy and nostalgic while dancing around a bowl of popcorn and watching endless seasons of Sex and The City with cocktails in hand. YES. But let’s be serious. There will be a million photos snapped at a shindig such as this, one undoubtedly ending up on Instagram. So it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to get cute, and why not? 

This sleep shirt is seriously comfy, and I think it is DARLING. Who needs a nightgown when you can look this lovable in a giant t-shirt? I paired it with these thigh-high socks to throw in a dash of sexy. Hey, just because you’re not spending the holiday with a significant other, does not mean you can’t feel hot for yourself. They are also super snuggly and soft, so total bonus. 

I also got this doll of a sleep mask with a pajama set I got recently. If you’re not going to actually use it for slumber, it makes for a great photo prop. 

I’m all about setting the scene for my guests, it is a holiday after all. So I went out and got a few odds and ends to add some Vday flare, one of which was this pillow. It is SO precious and such a sweet PJ party accessory. Perfect for pissing someone off by trying to start a pillow fight and spilling their drink all over them and the snacks resulting in a sticky mess. 

This is also a killer look for all my lovers in a relationship out there. It is seductive without being too forward or looking like you put in too much effort.

Have a blast. Don’t be a negative Nancy. Love yourself. and stop being a hag

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