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Bae Watchin'

I would like to just take a minute to create the perfect visual. You’re a single lass on the beach, scanning the horizon with your stiff hand up to your forehead. Your looking, searching. Then, off in the distance, you see him. He sees you. You run to each other in slow motion and dramatically embrace. You’ve finally found bae.

Ok, now I would like to take some time to tell you, that is a disgusting scenario that will literally never happen. And if it does, or something that resembles that scene does, you should be kicked in the shin by someone close by. But, this swimsuit would 100% be the appropriate attire.

I got this swimsuit several months back and have been dying to wear it. Considering it is February and in Dallas (not including the random 70 degree days) it is usually cold, I haven’t had a chance to wear it. I had a lightbulb when I was standing in my closet trying to piece together a banging single girl’s wardrobe for the upcoming holiday. I decided to wear the piece as a body suit, because it is too perfect for Valentine’s Day! I mean come on, “Bae Watch,” classic. 

I was in a mood to rock my overalls, surprising, but I didn’t want to cover the focal point of the outfit. So I rolled the top down, and tied a flannel around my waist so you couldn’t totally see the inside stitching. It gave it a rockin bib vibe. I threw my favorite destroyed jean jacket on my shoulders for that “I don’t care but I look rad” look, and my babies. My new nude sneakers. I hear the hallelujah angels every time I look at them. 

It is a super casual getup, great for maxin and relaxin with your fellow singles. Or, if you are dating someone, it is perfect for a chill date with your special pupil. 

If you would like to dress it up, wear the swimsuit with a skater skirt, or a high-waisted legging and a jacket/blazer. 

P.S. don't wear the stupid sock I did. It makes me look like I have cankles.

Have fun. Be silly. and stop being a hag.


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