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Sugar and Spice and Cocktails

Ok, so remember the pajama party I chatted about in my last post? Don't panic if you missed it, you can just scroll down passed this ridiculously long post with a million photos and eventually get down to it (this is where, if I were on my phone, I would insert that weird emoji that is winking with his tongue out. Is it a he? Or the monkey covering his mouth. Why am I still talking about emojis?). These are all the fixings for said get together!! I was totally about going for a super fem theme for my ladies night in. It was too perfect, and I absolutely love it. I kept it simple with the crisp white bowls, but added some girly-ness with the numerous pink candles and scattered heart candies. I also couldn't resist adding in some timeless with the fresh blooms and my great grandma's glasses that my mother passed down to me. Oh, and the polk-a-dot straws. Those would likely fall under the "girly" category. So would the heart shaped bowl. I need to work on how I list things. With the table cloth I just went to the craft store and got several yards of fabric that I liked and threw it on. Which reminds me, be smarter and more efficient than I am, and iron the fabric before laying it on the to avoid a giant crease like the one I have so nicely presented. For the treats I wanted to keep it super light! I'm a healthy gal myself, so I wanted to have snacks that I would enjoy munching on, but that my guests would like as well. The popcorn is Quinn's Olive Oil Popcorn and y'all, it's the bomb. This company actually makes my all time favorite popcorn snack which is their kale popcorn (just trust me). What I love about this company is their "farm to bag" method and their incredibly minimal ingredients. I buy it at my local Whole Foods and they have several flavors to choose from. Get ready to yawn...the pretzels are saltless. My friends always hate me for buying these but they are low on sodium and, I think, great for dipping. Those odd looking raisin things are actually chocolate covered goji berries and WARNING, they are majorly addicting. So are the heart shaped ginger snaps....and the raw vanilla coconut macaroons covered in chocolate. Basically, all of the sweet treats will have you and your fellow chicks coming back for more. And then more. On to the homemade! That hot pink mush in the heart shaped bowl (can we talk about how perfect the color is for a quick sec?!) is beet hummus that I made. If you're like me, you don't just die for beets. But you would be surprised at how yummy it is! The ingredients and instructions for that, along with the scrumptious and refreshing cocktails (spiked grapefruit kombucha and fresh grapefruit and berry, yum allll day) are down below. 

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you're pretty, sexy, and you're taking you're time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with" -Sex and The City

Have a blast. Let loose. and stop being a hag.


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1 bottle grapefruit kombucha 

1/4 lemon

2 shots vodka 

In a shaker, combine ice, vodka and squeezed lemon juice, and shimmy shimmy shake. Grab a couple glasses of your choosing (this is measurements to fill two glasses) and pour the mixture into the glass. Follow up by pouring the chilled kombucha into the glass and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.  




1 large grapefruit

1/4 lemon

small handful raspberries 

2 shots vodka 

Using an electric (or hand, whatever you have) juicer, juice your whole grapefruit, and pour into your shaker. Add ice, squeezed lemon, and vodka and shake like your life depends on it. Then, before pouring, grab a couple glasses (again, measurements for two glasses), toss several juicy raspberries at the bottom of each glass and muddle. Pour your shaker mix over the top and enjoy!




1 large beet

several garlic cloves

several wedges lemon

1 can chickpeas 

1/4 cup tahini paste

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form a professional chef. I do not take precise measurements. So, tailor the recipe to your taste buds.

Preheat oven to 375. Wash and peel your beet. Then grab foil and place your beet, several peeled cloves of garlic, and a solid drizzle of olive oil, and wrap it all up. Place in a baking pan, and put in the oven for about 45 minutes, give or take, until the beet is completely soft. You can test by slicing with a butter knife, should cut right through with no effort. While that is cooking, drain and rinse your canned chickpeas. Throw in a skillet with olive oil until cooked. Grab your food processor or a blender, and toss in the chickpeas, along with squeezed lemon, and tahini paste. Once it is done, put beet (best to cut up into bits first) and garlic in with the rest of the ingredients. BLEND. I prefer hummus served cold, so complete by putting it in a bowl, covering it, and popping it in the fridge until chilled.  

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