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Lez Jam

BABES! Let me start by saying, happy Valentines Day. If you are a single lady such as myself, I hope you spend this day loving yourself! This is going to be a super short post because I know everyone has things going on today, but I wanted to share a few songs that I picked special for my single girls. It is a totally random mix of songs, in fact the songs are kind of random. BUT, I feel that, if you listen to the lyrics in between spastically dancing or blaring them in your car with the windows down, they are empowering! It is all about having self love and girl power! Each song is upbeat and a total jam. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, and I hope you have a fun filled weekend. 

The first song is pretty self explanatory. It is about "feeling yourself" aka loving yourself. Totally perfect for a chick with no mate, am I right?! The second song I am obsessed with. Besides the fact that the beat is so delicious and sexy, it is about (or at least what I took from it) having respect for yourself. "Yeah, you're great, and you can have this but I'm the shit. I'm not a one night stand, I'm a keeper." The last one is a fun song that I want you ladies to have a crazy jam session to. It's about partying, looking and feeling flawless, and letting go of your inhibitions.

Down below I will provide the links for some of the pieces from my outfit, including these bangin headphones that I am in love with (partially because of the name of this particular style...), and the lipstick(s) I used to get this pretty pink hue on my kisser. Oh, and a fun fact, the yummy sweater that I am wearing IS ON SALE currently. 

Love yourself. And stop being a hag


Lipstick  I [Saint Germain]  II  Lipstick II [Honey Love]  II  Headphones  II  Sweater  II  Leather Jacket

Swag Flasher (Get It...Because of The Trench)

Bae Watchin'