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Swag Flasher (Get It...Because of The Trench)

The yucky weather has made it’s way back to Dallas y’all. Well, according to the news it’s apparently hitting all over. Winter is coming in hot, and it is all a girl can do to keeps her lil buns warm! Over in this neck of the woods it has also been grey and rainy. To be honest I don’t mind cloudy days because I find them completely soothing. I may or may not blare Nora Jones while burning almost every candle in my home on such days. The bomb. But I digress. 

It’s humpday. Midweek. We’ve still got to push our way through a couple of days to make it to the weekend. Wednesday is like mid afternoon. When all your steam has started to ware off and your eyelids feel heavy as you day-dream about the hot man you saw at Whole Foods while waiting at a stoplight, desperately trying to get to the nearest coffee shop to down your third cup of coffee (or 100th). Then, trying to muster up the energy to go back to work. Like, dammit Susan, can we not push back this urgent meeting to tomorrow when I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of a Britney Spears mental break? I get it. But I like to compare these times to taking a wheatgrass shot, or a shot of tequila. It’s best to just plug your nose and get it over with, and before you know it, DONE. 

All of this being said, I wanted to compile a look that was comfortable, but effortlessly chic at the same time. Just because we are dragging, does not mean we have to appear like we are. 

Can I just point out, MY LEATHER PANTS ARE BACK. Fun fact that my mother discovered for me. If you have a leather garment that has been ripped, take it to a shoe repair store and they will patch er’ up for fifteen dollars. Does it resemble Hannibal Lector’s face from Silence of The Lambs? Yeah. (If you haven’t seen the movie, DON’T). But no one is going to see it considering it’s at the crotch and I take pride in the fact that A. I sit like a lady and B. I do not exit the car like a desperate starlet with no panties on. 

Pumped about being reunited with these beauts, I shimmied on my leather pants. I was feeling black on black, so I put on my ripped up black tee. Since I was already feeling the repercussions of staying up late the night before, and knew all of the running around that was going to be taking place, I went for the Nike’s. I loved it because it threw in a random sporty vibe which I’m totally into. Instead of putting on an equally sporty jacket, I wore my classic trench coat. This gem added an unexpected twist and made this wardrobe acceptable for business attire. I realize most of you can not get away with wearing running shoes to the office. Simply swap out the sneakers for a pump or bootie. Me, being me, I always keep it super minimal with accessories so lastly, I popped on my gold watch and fin. Complete. 

Push through it. Fight the mental struggle. and stop being a hag.


Trench  II  Shirt  II  Pants  II  Shoes  II  Watch  

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