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Potato Sack Glam

This is one of those looks that I absolutely love, but a lot of people aren’t sure about. I understand the hesitancy. For starters I didn’t do a great job of naming the title in an appealing fashion. But the fit of this garment is what’s causing the confusion. It does nothing for the body. These “shapeless dresses,” as Free People calls them in their look book, are a definite trend. I dig the oversized, baggy fit of this one in particular. I find something so chic about the updated mumu feel. Granny has never been so on point! The best part about this dress is the versatility. I promise not to suggest styling this with slippers and a terrycloth robe.

One way to wear this piece is exactly how I have in this post. Beyond minimal and completely amped up with the shoe. By wearing the sky high bootie, it dresses the look up while staying in keeping with the aesthetic I was going for. Another way, is to go in the complete opposite direction and rock it with a Doc Martin type boot with a flannel serving as a top layer. Now, it is totally casual with a tomboy flare. That happens to be my favorite way to wear this. One last way I’ll mention is sporty spice. Wear this gem with a pair of killer sneakers and a sporty jacket, and it is effortless varsity swag.

If you cannot or will not get on board with this potato sack style, this dress looks insanely fab with a belt around the waist. It blouses over and creates a delicious drape effect all around. 

This little number is THE best to throw on in a flash of a second. It is comfortable, I’m positive I already said chic, and you could eat an entire thanksgiving day feast and no one would see your food fetus. 

Can I also just say, if I’m going to make the effort to wear a faux septum ring, maybe I should wear one that actually shows up in photos instead of one that looks like some weird boog hanging out of my nose. 


Hey, you look great. Stop being a hag



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