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I Didn't Know What To Title This

HELLO FRIGID WEATHER! Snow, ice, and everything shutting down. On the one hand I have to say I enjoy it. I light every candle in my house (I mean, I do that every other day but that isn’t the point) get a big roaring fire going, and sip hot water with lemon all day long. I think the only way that scenerio would get any better would be having a sexy man to cuddle with but, my sweet puppies and a cozy blanket definitely suffice. On the other hand…I’m over it. Busting my bum going to the mailbox due to the fact that I was running because hi, it’s really cold. Getting goosebumps all over right as you step out of the shower even though you just put in the time to shave your gams. As if I wasn’t already frustrated enough because I nicked my ankle with my razor. Or feeling the chilly draft coming in because the dog door lets it in the cold air ever so slightly. Ah! My furry nuggets are definitely into the snow. Well…the big one loves it. The little one likes it for a second and then franticly runs inside when she realized her dainty paws are going numb. 

In honor of this love/hate weather, I wanted to post a cozy little look for you all to enjoy! 

This is not a look that will bring all the boys to the yard. It is definitely geared towards the peeps that appreciate fashion. But is any winter wear really that flattering to the body? The answer is no. 

Now that I have likely steered you away from trying this look, let me take a few steps back. I love it! the oversized proportions are beyond comfortable and give it a chic, boyish flare that is so in right now. I was really excited with how the feminine silhouette of this knit looked with the ruggedness of this vegan leather track pant. I ran with the voluminous aesthetic and put on my Docs. Then of course finishing the assemble off with this ta-da wide brimmed hat to make the outfit look completed. 

Of course, if you are not vibing the baggy-on-baggy, wear the big sweater with a fitted pant. Or keep the track pant and swap for a more tapered sweater. This would also look great with a cool converse or dressed up with a sassy pump. 

You may not mind bearing the cold when you look this swell. And no, you’re mind is lying to you. The word swell is not lame. 

Be safe. Stay warm. And stop being a hag


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