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Frocking Winter

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It's winter. And while Dallas weather is completely all over the map, it tends to get super chilly. But here's the problem. I went shopping with my lovely mother, and wouldn't you know it, I found a sundress that I NEEDED. Not want, need. You feel me? Being the girl I am, I obviously couldn't wait until spring or summer to rock this purtty thing. It's this thing called impatience...turns out I'm an expert. So I had to find a solution to the issue I so conveniently created for myself. I went in my closet and started throwing on layers.
This grey sweater ended up being totally perfect! I love the way the cool tone of the grey makes the red pop. Not only that but it is super cozy and yummy. The little slits on the sides help to expose the dress, which is ideal since this flirty number  is the whole reason the look happened. 
I felt like the outfit still needed something more, and I was already set on the booties (I know, I know, I was wearing these in my last post. I'm clearly fond of them). I wanted balance. Which is why I grabbed old faithful, my leather jacket. 
My legs still got a little chilly but I didn't mind! If you are wanting extra warmth on your gams, throw on some knit thigh-highs or a pair of tights. 
Don't let weather be an excuse. Rock it out. Doll it up. And stop being a hag.


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