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Cool Thighs, Bro

The way this way look started off was pretty weird. I mean, when you throw on a cool bra-lette with a onsie that has snaps at the crotch…it looks somewhat awkward. Grown woman baby? Not exactly chic. Obviously I didn’t stop there but it was definitely a sight to see in my mirror in the midst of building this outfit. 

Now that I have created an incredibly odd visual for you…next, I went for my high-waisted destroyed denim. I feel as though I am justified in saying destroyed considering it looks as though I attempted to send these britches through a paper shredder. Hello Taylor’s thighs and knee caps! I love them non the less. 

If it was summer time, after putting on my Chuck Taylor’s I would likely be done with this assemble! Super simple but very edgy and unique at the same time. But it is winter. So.

I then grabbed one of my FAV coats. This puppy brought a completely different appeal to the overall aesthetic, a sense of chic, and it made me very happy. I topped the whole thing off (no but, literally) by placing my go-to wide brimmed hat on my noggin and putting on my everyday shades as I waltzed (read as rushed) out the door!

This get-up is super casual with a New York broad’s flare, and that is why it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I hope it does the same for you.

Enjoy. Go for the random. and stop being a hag



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