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Gramps Has Style

Have you ever been standing in your closet, attempting to put an outfit together, and thought "I really wish I had something that resembled an item of clothing straight out of my grandpas closet?" 
I've never but if you have, that's fantastic. 
Basically, that was my awkward intro to this little shirtdress. The actual name of this number is the "Granddad Stripe Shirtdress." Which, when you sit back and look at it, sort of makes sense. I mean, if your grandfather has a feminine flare and a sleek silhouette finished with a trendy hem. Then, yeah.
What I love about a piece like this is the simplicity of it. It's an effortless throw on that's a comfy fit with a chic facade. What's not to adore? 
The other fab factor about this get-up is how easily transitional it is. Perfect example, was the other weekend I wore this exact look out shopping (chucks, random socks and all). When we got back and I was running a little behind...oops, I simply swapped my sneaks for my sky-high pumps and was ready for dinner! 
If you need an extra layer on a chilly day, wear a long knit sweater or a killer trench. 
Don't make it difficult. And stop being a hag.


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