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Easy, Breezy, and Black

HOLY SMOKES. Y’all, it is finally getting warm here!!! Being that it is one of the first bright sunny days here in Dallas, I obviously wanted to wear a look that was baring my legs. I mean, the fact that I can wear a short dress without worrying about the fact that my shins and calves may or may not get frost bite…winning. I even ordered an iced coffee without the barista looking at me like I had three heads. In addition to exposed lower legs, I wanted a look that was very relaxed but still stylish. This wardrobe is perfect for a day of shopping, lunch or brunch with the girls, happy hour (woot, woot), a casual dinner, etc. 

This baby doll dress with the breezy kimono gives this outfit some crazy awesome movement. Seriously, one gust of wind and you look like you’ve stepped into a dramatic scene of a romance film. It’s pretty epic. While it is now unlikely that you'll need another top layer, it A. adds another dimension that takes this look from very basic to edgy-cool and B. is nice to have going into the chilly evening.

Moving on to accessories. For shoes I went for this adorable booties with studs and a flattering silhouette. The black suede and narrow toe makes them a fantastic basic to have in your closet, while the stud details make them fun and unique. And of course, the sunnies that I never leave home without. I play favorites, and these are mine. 

I hope you enjoy this look kittens! 

Enjoy the warmth. Choose happiness. And stop being a hag. 


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