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The Hills Are Alive

In honor of it now being spring and the start of festival season, I decided to make this week’s looks all about those festivals themselves. I wanted to come up with a complete variety, no look like the other. And I am happy to say…I think I did it! 

This first look, (no I am not is a modern remake of the Sound of Music) I feel, is quintessential for this period of outdoor jamborees. And to be honest, there is not a whole lot to say about it. This wardrobe kind of speaks for itself. It screams bohemian with the bloused, strapless, top and flow of the skirt. The vintage floral print and the distressed leather hat give it the laxed cool factor that is necessary for these events. The gladiator sandal is comfortable while adding an extra element of style. Over all, the outfit is effortless and feminine with spikes of personal edge. And can I just say, SO perfect for the breezy weather! You will be walking around looking like a festival goddess prancing among the peasants as your skirt dramatically blows in the wind. Which is an added bonus about wearing a maxi skirt to anything taking place outside, you don’t have to worry about flashing your cheekies to a large crowd. No one wants that. 

Prance through fields. Pick flowers. And stop being a hag


Top  II  Skirt  II  Shoes  II  Hat  

Blue Jean Killa

Utilitarian Fem