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Blue Jean Killa

The festival looks continue!! Here is assemble numero dos I put together for you hooligans. I have to say, this is probably my favorite of all the looks. Clearly…I am not yet tired of the denim on denim (on denim) get-up. What I love about this look for any sort of outdoor fest or musical fiesta, is the functionality combined with a chic swagger. Ok so let me give you a visual. 

You are at an outdoor concert with a group of your gaggle of gals, and you are having a spiffy time. Let’s be honest, you are all likely intoxicated or on your way to being so. Rebecca starts complaining that her feet are hurting bc she was dumb enough to wear wedges to an all day, outdoor, affair. Stacy can’t do much because she is stressing over holding her dress down that keeps blowing up in the wind. Multiple passerby’s have already crudely whistled after getting a sneak peek of her peach (bum). Becky is fumbling her clutch and vodka drink bc she is also trying to manage holding the bottom of her maxi skirt (or dress, you can pick) so she doesn’t trip over it, only causing her to spill said beverage all over her arm and the stranger next to her. Then my friend, there is you. In this outfit. You are jumping around, dancing, singing, and having a blasty-blast. What are you worried about? Nothing. You know why? Because, your feet feel fab since you’re wearing sneakers, nothing is blowing up and none of your goodies are getting overly exposed, and you don’t have to worry about tripping over a garment. So when a group of yummy, music loving men approach the group, and see your hot mess friends, along with your chill and stylish self…who do you think they’re going to ask for the digits? Side bar, you should also be drinking beer from a bottle. A. less likely to spill B. easy to plug the top with your thumb so some A-hole can’t slip something into it and C. because you will get full, causing you to drink less, resulting in you keeping your wits about you. Annnnnnnd back to this wardrobe. 

I also think this look is perfect for these types of occasions because of it’s modern western flare. The fit of the distressed vintage jacket with the Daisy Duke inspired short really ring in the feeling of an old western film. The 70’s vibe sunnies and the timeless chucks spin the look and make it casual while still completely fashionable. 

Dance. Be chill. And stop being a hag.

Jacket  II  Shirt  II  Shorts  II  Sunnies  II  Shoes

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