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Sheer Enjoyment

Here it is kittens. The third and final festival look for the week! This outfit is, firstly, perfect for my uber stylish fest goers that really want to make a statement. This wardrobe is bold, and requires confidence (which you should have, because you are beautiful). It is sultry with the mega sheer maxi skirt, but chic and strangely classy with the high-waisted bottoms and boyfriend blazer. The suede of the blazer is definitely festival worthy, and the see-through tank with the strappy bikini top are simple throw ons that still bring an element of style. 

Secondly, this ensemble is bangin if you need to be in a swim suit but don’t want to squash the look with a basic cover-up. So it is not only great for one of these occasions, but killer for a pool party where you want to make a splash (oh my goodness that was so corny it physically hurt me to type it). The mix of the old school high-waisted bottoms with the current strappy top is a fun combo that will have you knocking the fellas dead. Slay, girl, slay!!! 

Throw on a pair of strappy sandals and your favorite shades and bounce. 

Don’t be afraid to show off your curves. Werk. And stop being a hag

Tank  II  Bikini Top  II  Swim Bottoms  II   Sandals  II  Blazer


Blue Jean Killa