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Heart of Gold

The last several days have been kicking my buns y’all. Well, I guess I should say freezing. Freezing my buns. After being stuck in the house for several days (icy roads can suck it) and feeling slightly like a mouse in a cage, I was MORE than ready to get out and about. Problem being, it was still really cold. You know the days when you are running around, hopping in and out of your car…you get in while the car is cold and then conveniently reach your destination right as it is cozy warm, what’s the deal with that…my point being you can’t get warm! 

I’m kind of starting to suffer from the winter time blues you guys. I am seriously so ready for some warm sunshine and lots of time spent outside. Spring is finally right around the corner, but until then, we have to get through this winter. 

Anyway, back to what I was previously saying. I wanted an outfit that was casual, warm, and most importantly fashionable. Duh. 

These Old Navy jeans have turned out to be my favorites. I know I have worn them in a previous post and likely raved about them then. But this is the present. And I’m going to do it again. I got them forever ago, and made them new by releasing my inner fashion student and going ham with a pair of scissors. Similar thing with these booties. They originally had a ton of chains and bling strung across the top, and after giving them to my mom (because I was sure I wouldn’t wear them anymore…) and seeing how they looked after she trimmed it all off, I took them back. I know, that wasn’t polite. So from the hips down it is a nice duo of old made new. 

Up top I wanted layers, layers, did I mention layers? Started with a simple white tee comes down in the front and back. Something that isn’t too long but would stick out just enough after throwing something else on top of it. Then went for my new favorite pullover! I love this little baby bc it is casual and so comfy while having a great cut and hi, love the graphic! The western-esque font speaks to my little southern heart. 

Depending on how much time you plan on spending outside, you may need another top layer to keep yourself from having some serious chills. So I grabbed this yummy coat and voila! I love the chic and classy vibe of the coat with the simple, super casual aesthetic of the rest of the look. 

Stay warm my little kittens. We are almost to spring. Almost!

Stay cozy. Stay stylish. And stop being a hag. 


Coat  II  Pullover  II  Tee  II  Jeans  II  Boots 

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