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Mrs. Clean

I’m going to keep it super short and sweet with the writing in this post y’all. I am going to be totally honest…the writers block struggle IS REAL. Yikes. Hopefully I am going to get my mojo back ASAP Rocky by going for a run or jamming to some crude rap music. Fingers crossed. 

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this look. I wanted to wear something super fresh, crisp, and chic, while still being absolutely casual and relaxed. The tomboy aesthetic brings in the chill, while the white on white (which I totally dig by the way, for spring, winter, or any season) is supremely fashionable. 

You can keep it basic with simply the tee and the jogger, or by throwing on this jacket you add an element of tailored elegance that is somewhat unexpected. It definitely dresses the look up. If you need to doll this look up for something such as work attire, swap the sneaker for a pump, and the tee for a button up shirt. If you are not digging the white on white or simply want a different feel, instead of the chucks wear a cool Doc Martin-esque boot and swap the tailored blazer-jacket for a moto jacket.

Stay fresh. Stay stylish. A stop being a hag. 


Jacket  II  Shirt  II  Pant  II  Shoe 

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