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Are My Shoes Untied?

Tell me if I am the only one that does this. Whilst out in public, observing people around me, I enjoy giving each individual their own theme song. It mainly depends on how they are walking or their mannerisms. Ok, as an example, while walking around the Wharf in San Fran last week, a guy walks by. He was a husky dude with a beard, rocking a denim shirt with denim pants. The way he was walking…it was more like a confident sashay. All I could hear was “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.” The rhythm was right in sink with his steps. 

It made me think about if anyone has every done that when I walked by. Then I thought further, and contemplated what I would want my song to be. I’d prefer something strong and sexy.

Still somewhat preoccupied with that thought, I put together this outfit. I wanted to be casual and effortless, kind of “sweatpants hair tied chill in with no make-up on” natural but far more fashionable. But also smoking hot. Almost in the way models tend to dress out…totally relaxed with a heel. You know? 

These destroyed black cutoffs and loose white tee are crisp in color while being uber comfortable. The leather moto adds some edge (wow, Taylor, shocking you never do that) while the bandana is a fun mix up from t he usual accessory and pays homage to the western trend that seems to be hanging around. I’m not mad about it. Then, drum roll………I’m going to pretend you actually did a drum roll. These shoes! It is utterly classic with the black suede and pointed toe. But holy hotness, can we talk about the lace-up detail and laser cutouts?! This heel is crazy sexy without looking like you are really trying. 

This look is perfection for a first date, a cool concert, a night out etc. If you want to make it all the way casual, trade the heel for a biker boot. Or, steer the wardrobe in the other direction and swap the tee for a blouse and the leather for a tailored boyfriend blazer. 

Thanks for reading my sweets! 

Be effortless. Knock em dead. And stop being a hag.     

Jacket  II  Shirt  II  Bandana  II  Short  II  Shoe

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