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Some Type A Way

Cheeeeeeers to da freakin weekend!!! Here's a fun look I put together that is FLAWLESS for whatever activities you are getting into on your days off. It is comfortable, functional, effortless, stylish, I even need to do more of a write up? (insert some sort of winking or tongue out emoji). The "Made In Texas" on the back of my vest was actually a shirt that I cut and sewed on a while back. If you guys would like me to do a tutorial on that, definitely let me know! I love getting feedback from you babes to hear what you want to see! I'm keeping this post uber short with the writing because, let's be serious, it is Saturday.

Stay rad. Go on an adventure. And stop being a hag

Vest  II  Shirt  II  Shorts  II Watch  II Shoes

My Butt, These Jeans

Are My Shoes Untied?