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Just Kick It

For this post, I really wanted to keep it real. Sometimes, you just have to go for comfort. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up style! This look is beyond basic, yes, but the details give it a more than appealing flare. Not only do the jeans have a killer fit, but the cool grey wash and tears at the knees (thank you scissors from fashion school) make them fun and edgy. The white-on-white chucks, along with the loose white tank, are killer basics that I have to say are essentials. And, Lastly, this heather grey zip-up with contrast drawstrings bring in the cozy while making the outfit relaxed and dope. That’s right, I said dope, and I am in no way shape or form ashamed. That is it! I know this post is obnoxiously short (or not depending on how much you like reading) but I wanted to mix it up and do a look that was ultra simple. Perfect for taking a ride on your bike or penny board, running errands, grabbing a beer with your best guy friend, etc. When you crave comfort, go for it. It can be good for the soul. 

Stay cozy. Don’t forfeit style. And stop being a hag


Jacket  II  Shirt  II  Jeans  II  Shoes 

Are My Shoes Untied?