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Flyin Purple Latte Drinker

Every spring I come across the same dilemma, trying to put together the perfect spring outfit. Because here's the isn't summer. Spring is the season of rainy but warm weather, light pastels, and usually a tonnage of floral prints. Most looks are very feminine with combos such as skate skirts and a cute sweater or blouse, a frilly dress, etc. They are all fantastic digs to wear, but being that I do not usually dress overtly girly on a regular basis, my goal was to create a spring ensemble that was true to my personal style. I have to say, mission accomplished! 

I love the colors involved in this get-up. The light heather-grey, light wash chambray, and the crisp white all make for the perfect homage to spring time. I love bringing this curve hugging dress into daytime. By throwing the shirt around my waist and slipping on these super casual sandals, I'm ready for anything ranging from running errands to stepping out to a yummy brunch. It also makes for a perfect day-to-night situation. Simply remove the shirt and put on a nice pump and you're good to go. The final touch was the mirrored aviators. They are not only a classic, but they completely compliment the colors as well as add a lovely element of bling while staying simplistic. 

Dress for the season. Own your style. And stop being a hag


Dress  II  Shirt  II  Shoes  II  Sunnies  

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