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This Wall Really Compliments My Outfit

Oh olive. I have always had an admiration for this muted hue. However, I have to say, I've noticed that around the spring and summer months, it really takes a back seat to other colors in most people's wardrobes. For me, those are my favorite seasons to pull this color into my look. I don't know if it has to do with the color tones in my skin or my more-than-the-norm freckle exposure, but olive is my favorite color to wear when I am tan. We all have that special color that we reach for the second has that perfect sun kissed glow, don't we? I find this palette perfect for the spring time. It is somewhat unexpected while still being completely appropriate for this time of year. Something else I a monochrome outfit. UGH! I don't know what it is. I find it so chic and minimal while at the same time making a statement. Of course when I realized I had a perfectly matched sleeveless sweater tank for my overalls, it was a no brainer. This look is SO beyond comfortable that you could practically do cartwheels in it. I mean keep your whits about you and don't embarrass/hurt yourself but, yeah. Great for any and all daytime activities or a casual dinner at a local spot. I stepped the look up by adding a pop of gold with these ta-da gold metallic sandals (FROM TARGET, I REPEAT, THE SANDALS ARE FROM TARGET) to keep the ensemble from being drab. 

Find your it color. Rock the s*** out of it. And stop being a hag.

Sweater  II  Overalls  II  Shoes  II  Bra

Boxy Tees and Silky Draws

Flyin Purple Latte Drinker