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My Butt, These Jeans

My babes!! It has been a minute. I apologize that I have totally been slacking with my posts lately. There has been a lot going on but I promise I am getting back on track! 

Now that we got that out of the way. I need, I NEED, to talk about these jeans for a minute. Actually, the brand of the jeans (DSTLD) as well. But I am Going to start with this pair of denim perfection first. I am always on the hunt for the perfect jean. And here's the deal...I have a booty. I love it and am proud of the curves The Lord blessed with me with in the caboose. I also love a fitted pant to show it off. But, there is nothing worse than putting on a tight jean and it completely flattening your ass. NO ONE likes a pancake butt. Ain't nobody got time for that. Can I get an amen?! My guilty pleasure also happens to be high-waisted jeans. I know men hate them, and I don't know why I can't get enough. The problem being is that they always make me appear like a mother of 5 that drives a mini van and thrives off the advice of Doctor Phil while eating bon-bons and petting one of my 6 cats. You know? So needless to say, when I tried on this pair of high-waisted skinnies, I was expecting the same results. Holy. Moly. Y'all, I was dead wrong. Not only are they super comfortable and THE perfect wash, but they are the holy grail of jeans that hit above the belly button and are a second skin. They are crazy flattering on the butt, seriously, look at the pictures. Not flattened in the least!!! I don't know how they managed it but these pantaloons are beyond flattering on the tummy. It is essentially like wearing spanks, only much more appealing. And another pet peeve is when you try the jeans on in the store, and the fit is perfection. But then after wearing them for a couple of hours, they end up awkwardly getting loose or baggy in certain areas. Like funny, I don't remember having a saggy diaper ass when I put these on this A.M. I've worn this pair, and another killer pair of theirs (black shredded denim) and I can confidently say, they don't do that at all. They completely hold their fit!!! I wouldn't jump on here and put my name and my blog's brand out there for a product or company I did not 100% believe in or truly love for myself. I've got to say, my new favorite jeans FOR SURE! Oh, did I mention their jeans are under $100?! WHAT. DSTLD, thank you for killing the game. You guys rock my socks off. You guys check them out for yourself!! Links down below. 

Don't wear mom jeans. Don't wear pants that give you pancake butt. And stop being a hag.

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