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The situation. It is the weekend. Oh, and it is summer! You are spending the day out and about with your squad. Shopping, brunching, mimosa-ing, you know whatever. You are having a fabulous time because it is a fabulous day. You then proceed to make plans to go out that night and hit the town. Or maybe you have a chic event to go to...but you likely have options because you're a boss bitch who people want around. But let's be serious, you don't want to have to cut your day short due to you needing to go home and stand gawking at your closet for an hour and a half trying to figure out what to change into. THE WORST. The easiest way to avoid that, I've learned from trial and error, is nailing down the perfect day-to-night look that you can easily grab and go. 

Personally, this is my favorite DTN ensemble. For each look, this style is flattering across the board on different body types. For example, if you are petite/thin, it's a very Audrey Hep esque look, while my voluptuous babes show off their curves and look like a smokin Kim K. I'm in love with the colors of this outfit. The rose shade and light denim are essential for the summer. 

What I did was easy. And I really mean that. I took this great blushy set, and my high (high) waisted jeans. For day I paired the top with the denim and a timeless nude pump. It is simple, sexy, and another adjective that starts with an S, you can pick. Perfect for killin it during the day. Then, for the transition into night, I simply swapped the jeans for the body-con skirt and a sky high pump for a sultry bombshell look. 

You can make it as easy as bringing the skirt and change of shoes with you in the car and be ready for whatever the evening brings in a matter of two minutes. Who doesn't love that kind of convenience? You could just as easily wear the same shoe as well. 

Make it easy on yourself. Look fab day and night. And stop being a hag

Top  II  Skirt  II  Jeans  II  Nude Heel  II  Black Pump  


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