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Can I get an AMEN?! I got this bold text tee from the company Basics NYC recently, and I have to tell totally rocks. First of, the fabric is just delicious. So. Soft. Secondly, I am all about a bold text or graphic tee, and am in fact, trying to build my collection. Can you say great timing.

What makes this tee unique is the fantastic stitch detail through the sides and the back. The over all cut and fit make for an uber flattering go-to. I can promise you, this company is going to come out with some great stuff. AMIRIGHT?!

The shirt is perfect as a stand-alone with a great denim/short, or is perfect for layering like I did here with a fun blazer or a leather moto jacket.

I totally recommend getting one of these puppies yourself! Check out this tee along with other products at their site -- Basics NYC

Man Candy