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Boxy Tees and Silky Draws

TGIF! Cheers to the freakin weekend! Etc. you get the point. Finally the end of the week! In honor of the day, I wanted to chat about sweats. Here's the deal people, we all love sweats. They are comfy, cozy, and feel amazing to slip into after a long day of being in a ridiculously tight pencil skirt and a shirt you've been consistently monitoring with your hand in fear of a nip slip. However, nine times out of ten they look like hell. As if you are a prison inmate but you casually have the weekend away, just to clear your mind. I'm here to tell you something. Sweats do not have to be frumpy. They do NOT have to be FRUMPY. Without having to sacrifice comfort in the slightest, you can take this type of look to the next level. An acceptable level, really. 

This look is exhibit A. Let's start with the shirt. To be honest, it could really go in either direction. It's oversized, boxy, fit make it beyond yummy. The square shape makes slightly more current while the fact that it is basically a bag will likely make it your favorite go-to. The pants are one of the two things that make this look what it is. Rather than a basic sweat, they are made of a silky fabric. Between the luxe textile and the elegant neutral color, these babies definitely step the outfit up. Lastly, the shoe. I won't go spiraling out of control talking about how much I love these shoes, but I could.'re welcome. They are incredibly chic, the color is spot on (and goes with just about anything) all the while being a dream on your feet. I mean, they are sneakers after all. I polished this wardrobe off with my big statement watch and a red lip, just for a little something extra.

With an ensemble like this, you can go out in public and not worry that you just missed the potential love of your life because he passed you thinking you were a tragic hobo about to ask him for spare change and spit on his shoes. In fact, he may even hit on you with the serious swag you will have goin on. 

Don't be frumpy. Don't look homeless. And stop being a hag

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