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Man Candy

July: Ryan Picou

This month's, and Stop Being a Hag's first, man candy! Ryan, who I am honored to call a dear friend of mine (one of my best), is a hilarious charmer with a heart of gold. And can we all agree...killer looks. Dat jawline though! With his kind bright eyes and contagious smile he's a lady killer. This New Orleans boy is the life of the party hear in Dallas, but is also getting his hustle on working/jet setting for the NBA. We all love him, and I figured you babes wouldn't mind lookin at him! 


Me: Favorite thing from the 90's?

Ryan: What year were you born..?

Me: That doesn't answer my question...'92.

Ryan: Taylor Pierce


Me: Favorite Disney Princess?

Ryan: I don't date princess'. I prefer trap queens.

Me: If you could pick one song to be your theme song, what would it be?

Ryan: King of New Orleans - Better than Ezra 

Me: What would your stripper name be and why?

Ryan: Won't answer that...I'll look bad regardless...

Me: Ugh *eye roll* no fun. 

Me: Elbows or knees?

Ryan: Both. "Make your knees touch your elbows." 

Shop Ry's look for your man or guy pal! Links below after this guy's pics of him showin off his goods. Hope you enjoyed the first man candy post kittens! I'll be posting one the beginning of each month. Stay tuned :)

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Photography: Yesi Fortuna

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