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Striped Midi and a Sheer Crop

It's in just about all of us. The random want or desire to dress effortlessly and flawlessly like we just stepped out of an Audrey Hepburn film. And why wouldn't we? She always looked like the definition of chic elegance, without ever over-doing her ensemble. Every piece perfectly fit, clean lines, and simplicity. 

That is what I was aiming for with this look. Whether I was successful in that or not, I'll leave you to judge. Regardless, I am obsessed with this outfit. It screams femininity and class, with a tiny touch of sexy and spunk. 

The skirt is an easy go-to. High-waisted, mid-length, simple pattern in a muted palette and light-weight fabric. I can't really think of a piece that is more appropriate for summer. I paired it with this darling lace crop top which adds a nice fashion element. The combo of the two gives the appearance of the pattern-on-pattern trend, without actually doing so. It's more so texture-on-pattern if ya catch my drift. Pickin up what I'm puttin down. Smell what I'm cookin. You get it. 

Here comes the sex appeal. Now, knowing my style I couldn't just leave this look conservative, however, you absolutely could depending on the occasion. I wore a black appliqué bralette under the top, in a very "How To Be Parisian" manner. If you haven't read that book, what have you been doing...? Kidding, but really it's amazing, go read it and chat with me about it after. 

For the shoes I really amped it up my throwing on my ankle breakers, my favorite, sultry little gems. My sky-high Louboutins. They are an unexpected contrast and bring in the edge I always like to bring. 

Lastly, I gave an solute to this sweetly inspired look by finishing the look of with my little cat-eye sunnies. Don't they look like they'd be on a 50's housewife? 

If you want to take this look in a different direction like I mentioned above, wear a nude cami under the top, and rock a more modest, neutral heel or sandal.

Stay classy. Always be sassy, And stop being a hag.  

Top  II  Skirt  II  Shoes  II  Bralette  II  Sunnies

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