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Little Black Jumpsuit

Something that I am always on the hunt for are pieces that are not only great for events or going out, but easy to throw on in a rush, and could also easily transition from day to night. Lucky me, that is exactly what I have found in this bangin jumpsuit! That's right, this is not a dress. It is, in fact, a jumpsuit.

One of the first things that I find so divine about this piece, is that it is actually flattering. Usually, jumpsuits can be pretty tricky. They can give you a severe camel toe, a granny ass, or even a combination of the two. Which, yikes. This pup, however, avoids both of those horrid dilemmas with it's unique details and loose fit.

It hangs like your favorite flowy dress throughout the bottom half, and looks epic in the wind. The top is structured with these fantastic cutouts, and the illusion that it may be two separate pieces (as in a ban-do underneath the straps). So if you are like me and a loyal member to the itty bitty titty committee, SANS BRA BABY! I honestly always look for any excuse not to wear a bra. Not sorry. Even my girls who have the goodies in the front, a strapless bra not only wouldn't show, but would stay in tact due to the tightness of the "band."

This jumpsuit is probably the most effortless thing to toss on your body when you're in a hurry to get out the door. "No, I'm not still getting ready, I'm already in my car. Yep, totally in route." Yet, where are you really? Standing in your closet. 

Pop on some pumps and a quick choker like I did here to keep it elegant and chic, and done. Or, a funky flat-form (baring that you don't destroy your feet or ankles when you wear them, because that is apparently a thing, right..?) and a bold statement necklace for a vibe that is more on edge and brings in some sass. You could even make it completely casual by rocking it with some Chuck Taylor's and a big ol' watch. 

I got this gem from my girls at Haute Wheels. It's run by sweet and sassy duo, Abby Elstad and Kelly Mijares Aguilar. This boutique on a bus is the coolest concept ever. They have specific locations where you are sure to find them on different days of the week, pop around town to different spots or special events on other days, OR, are you ready for this..? You're not, put down your latte (or glass of wine, no judgement it's the afternoon. It's been a long day) and take a seat. They will come to your house. 

Plan the funnest night ever with a group of your favorite gals to shop in the comfort of your own driveway. Like, ok, does that get anymore convenient? Not really. Oh, and they don't charge you a crazy fee like some companies do to drive out. Whoop!

Another amazing thing (as if you weren't obsessed already) about Haute Wheels is their involvement with charity. Guess what ladies, guilt free shopping!! I mean...unless you have too much chardonnay and buy the entire bus in which case, no one is responsible for, other than your drunk self. 

Starting in September, they will be starting Haute for a cause! Each month they choose a different charity, and a portion of the pairs monthly sales will be donated to said charity. Their goal is to spotlight charities and bring awareness to the community while doing something [we all] love, shopping! 

Get this jumpsuit and/or check them out for yourself! Give the bus a visit or shop them online.  II  insta: @shophautewheels

Avoid a camel toe. Look fabulous. Shop Haute Wheels. And stop being a hag

How cute is the bus?!

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