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Destroyed Denim

I know, I know, I know. We've all seen the distressed denim. It's old news and I am not above saying that. However, this somewhat homeless inspired trend is still relevant. Well, it is for me anyway. I personally love destroyed denim the most in the summer time. You can wear jeans without your legs starting to sweat because they are suffocating inside of a full coverage pant. Sweat stains ain't cute. 

The style of these bottoms is uber casual and relaxed. I in fact wore them out to a bar to meet some friends the other night. "I see you feel off your bike a few times on the way here," was the comment I got from the guy I'm currently crushing on. For the record, I drove. So. If you have people assuming you were possibly attacked by bears while in route to your destination, I say you're on the right track. 

With shredded jeans such as these, though, I suggest really balancing out the rest of the look with more tasteful pieces. You don't want to literally look as if you have been living under a bridge for the past month. Then everyone just feels sorry for you and it really kills the buzz for the whole night. 

Here I paired these pups with a chic sleeveless (and lightweight, it's hotter than hell here right now) turtleneck. The cut of the top is feminine while the high-neck and color make it sleek and perfect for summer. I then threw on these boho studded sandals, along with some retro inspired shades and my go-to watch. 

This outfit is perfect for just about any plans you have coming up this summer season. Concerts on the lawn, beer-ritas at the Katy Trail Icehouse, date night at the Magnolia Theatre, casual beer with your peeps in Uptown, you name it. 

Stay cool. Stay Chic. And stop being a hag

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