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Back To Basics

Something that I think a lot of us are guilty of (including myself) is over doing it when it comes to our wardrobe. For me, it happens a lot of the time when I am trying to pick out what looks I want to feature on the blog that week. I'm so in love with fashion, and I also have a fear of being mundane or boring with my outfits. 

Here's the truth of the matter. You can never go wrong with simplicity. Minimalism is such a beautiful, elegant, thing. We tend to forget that more often than not. That is why when I put this ensemble together, I wanted it to be lovely in it's simpleness. 

First, I love a black bra under a white shirt. I don't know if that is the trollop in me or the Parisian influence I strive for from time to time, but mama like. I went with an uber basic sheer white button-up. The lightweight fabric and short sleeves keep me alive during this deadly summer heat. 

For the bottom half, I went with a classic high-rise dark wash denim (whoa, no holes, snaps for Taylor) and my sky high platform pumps. The crazy high arch and sexy pointed toe keep the look from falling flat while remaining minimal. The black shoes also ties in the black bralette.  

A timeless gold choker and some almost invisible gold rings and that's all she wrote. You could easily rock this exact look with a Chuck Taylor and some stacked black chokers for a more casual vibe. Make this look your own! Fit it to the day. 

Get back to the basics. Don't over do it. Don't over think it. And stop being a hag.


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