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Man Candy

August: Cameron Lawrence 

Our next flavor of the month! This handsome bloke is not only very driven and works very hard, but fun fact ladies...he's basically Christian Grey. Minus the playroom. I think. With Dallas as his home base, Cam is traveling more often than not. Regardless of where he is at, you can likely find him at some point in a yoga studio. That's right, the man could downward dog you into the ground. <--- Wtf....that didn't even make sense. Not sure what that means. ANYWAYS, scroll down to see some more killer pics of this gent and get to know a little bit more about him with his Q&A.









Me: Why don't Shakira's hips lie?

Cam: Never spoken to her hips. Can't confirm.

Me:.....I see what you did there.

Me: What song is your guilty pleasure?

Cam: Easy - Beyonce "Love On Top"

Me: I'm going to assume you sing this song to yourself in the mirror after a shower. With a hairbrush microphone. Belting the high notes. And pointing to a fake audience.

Me: Sweet or Savory?

Cam: Savory then sweet

Me: Boring. That's just dinner out.

Me: Favorite place to travel?

Cam: Tahoe

Me: If you had to pick one herb to smell like, what would it be and why?

Cam: Old Spice?

Me: I mean.....I was thinking along the lines of lavender or basil but sure, who would want to smell like a freshly picked herb when you can smell like a can of pre-pupecent acid.


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