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Bandana Pants

Me and my gal pal had a conversation the other day about how we never have comfortable, but cute clothes. We made the purge of all of our Victoria Secret and Juicy sweats a while back. Which....if you haven' yourself a favor. Maybe do.

So now on those days when we just want to "slack off" but not look like a grungy bum...what options do we have? If you go to the grocery store, as an example, and you are wearing no make up (I mean, AT ALL), hair is just a mop, and you are wearing prison yard sweats that do nothing for your body other than make it look like a lumpy oatmeal, when you see the man a hot man on aisle two with no wedding ring and a tight ass, he will not even look twice at you. In fact, you should go the other way to save yourself the embarrassment. I am guilty of doing this.

I found the PERECT pair of pants shopping with my girls at Haute Wheels. These gems are beyond comfortable. Lightweight, loose, and very easy to move around in. However, they are stylish at the same time. The bandana print gives them some flare, along with the draped harem effect in the front. Just with the pants alone, you will at least look like you may have the potential to look fashionable most days of the week. 

I matched them up with a crisp white, sleeveless, v-neck as to not over power the pant and stay bedtime comfy. For accessories I wore this look with my favorite gladiator sandals that always make a statement, and this western inspired choker. My choker game is fleeking recently, just saying. Can you add "ing" to the end of fleek....? I did. 

Something I really appreciate about these pantaloons is that you can keep them uber casual like I did here, or dress them up. Rock them with a strappy pump or a bootie and a blazer or moto jacket and its a cool look for a quick dinner. 

Also, I am wearing make up here. But I went with the "no makeup" look. Which I highly recommend when trying to put in the least amount of effort in without scaring away most of humanity. A little BB cream, light dusting of bronzer, concealer, and some brow and you look fresh as a daisy. 

Shop these pants for yourself by visiting my girls Kelly and Abbey at their boutique on wheels Haute Wheels!

Be comfortable. Still put in effort. Don't be a slob. And stop being a hag.  


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