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Western 90's Revival

I don't know if it's because I was born in the 90's or not, but (well, as of now at least) it is my favorite decade for fashion inspo. Not all of it, though. The pencil brow and silver eye shadow can stay there. But the chokers, the hot mom jean, the TV shows, THAT is what I am talking about.

Something I have also been really into as of late is a touch of western flare in my outfits. Again, could be where I'm from. Or it could be it's f****** awesome. I don't know. Either way I would definitely say it is a present trend hitting the streets, and I am totally going for it. 

My thought is, why not combine the two?! When you describe the two doesn't exactly sound like a match made on Tinder (which by the way, is an app I will NEVER download or use...freaks. Me. Out.) but, when you select certain pieces from each "genre," if you will, they come together perfectly. 

Per the usual, I kept it casual with this ensemble. I nabbed my light-wash high waisted denim as the starting point. High waisted jeans are difficult. Always try them on and always make sure they do not do one or all of the following: 

1. Flatten, or create the illusion of a pancake butt.

2. Accentuate, or (again) create the illusion of, a FUPA. <- The worst, never let that happen. 

3. Give you a starving/severe camel toe. 

Next, I put on a very basic, boxy tee. I wanted a top that was relaxed and baggy, to provide a contrast to the tight pant. I also tucked in the front so that it would blouse over. I'm not really sure why I like doing that so much, but I love the way it makes a basic tee look far less boring. If you have A-cups such as I, it is flattering and makes you look a little hungry, which is kind of Olsen twin chic. If you have some melons on ya, it keeps the loose shirt from making you look twice the size you actually are. 

I got this choker recently and I am obsessed with it. It is also a total combo of western and 90's. The fact that it is a choker is a direct throwback to the best decade (heyyyo) while the beading kind of ads a southern-ish vibe. I wanted a bold statement piece to really liven this look up, and that is exactly what this gem accomplished. 

I finished this outfit off with a classic wide brimmed hate (another western nod) and a peep-toe bootie to round it out with some femininity. I also rocked my sunnies that I wear too much. Am I sorry, no. 

There you have it my sweets! Super easy to throw together, and so stylish and fun. This look would also look fantastic with a dark wash high-waited flared leg denim and a sassy pump. If you are not feeling the high-waisted, no worries. A mid-rise gives a similar aesthetic without going over your belly button. 

Long live the 90's. Don't have a FUPA. And stop being a hag


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