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Lil Shirt Dress

What is there to say about the shirt dress? Well, the t-shirt dress in this case. It is simple, easy, cute, and if accessorized right, stylish. In my opinion, it is a great staple to have in your closet. 

What I did here was keep it basic but edgy. Black on black is always a go-to, and always chic. My favorite little booties bring in the funk, along with this crotchet choker. I also rocked my gold statement watch to add some polished flare. 

This look is ridiculously versatile. Strut it out with some sneaks or a strappy heel. Top it off with a moto jacket or a denim vest. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

This write-up is simple. But so is this look. Just how I want it. 

Be simple. But, be bold. And stop being a hag. 

Dress  II  Shoe  II  Watch  II  Choker

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