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Swimsuit Foundation

The one piece swimsuit. It has come back with vengeance! I'm not even mad about it. In fact I am quite a fan. Even though they don't look half as sexual on me as they do on women with major tata's, it's ok. 

One thing I really love about this come back trend, is it's multi-purpose use. Not only can you rock this by (or obviously in) the water, but it makes for the perfect body suit to wear with an outfit. 

What I did this look, was aim to give a wink at the upcoming fall season while still dressing for this hellacious summer heat. This black one pieces was the foundation and staple to the outfit. Also great for when you are out in the heat and you inevitably sweat because HELLO Texas heat. It's a swimsuit, and made to get wet. #winning.

I paired it with my destroyed black denim and my repeat offender medallion belt. I decided to mix it up with the color pallet and rocked it with these ivory Docs and an ivory card. The key to wearing a cardigan in this weather, is to not actually wear it. I know, it's so silly. But it's that whole impractical fashion thing. Fashion doesn't always make sense. There are also no rules. So HA! Simply drape it around your arms to give the wardrobe another element and an additional yummy layer. 

You could easily go gypsy/western by pairing instead with a cowboy-esque bootie and a denim jacket. Even a bandana tied around your neck would kill it. I'm all about it. 

Make your own fashion rules. Don't care what other people think. And stop being a hag

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