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Army Green and Platform Sneaks

"Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to

I'm not sure why but that is all I could think of when I looked at this ensemble. It is "funky." Don't you agree? The bold statement sunglasses, the giant ear piece, the platform sneaker. Each would be quirky, yet cool, on their own. But I figured why not rock them all at one time. Because, why? There are NO rules. Duh.

I kept the outfit itself, simple. These ripped grey skinnies with a super loose black tank, and topped with a recycled military jacket turned vest. Basic color palette, non-complicated silhouette, but still stylish. Done and done.

The platform tennis shoe is not only on trend, but brings in such a fun element that this look, I think, really craves. I am currently obsessed with this ear piece. It's so absurd and screams bling. It adds a touch of luxury that is impossible to miss. I mean that literally, because it is so in your face. Like...where'd your ear go? I can't see it behind that branch of crystals. 

Lastly, I finished with these kooky sunnies that bring in a random pop of color, and are super fashionable. 

his get-up would look great with a cool platform bootie and a moto-jacket. You could also dress it up with a metallic, pointed toe pump and a tailored, "blazer" vest.

Get funky with it. Who cares, not you. And stop being a hag

Vest  II  Tank  II  Jeans  II  Shoes  II  Ear Piece  II  Sunnies

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