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Bohemian Bestie

This girl right here. Da best. She has been my ride or die since we were in the second grade. I guess it was technically the third grade but I feel like when it has been that long (without a single fight, not a one) then you earn the right to say f*** it and add a year. 

I got really lucky landing this gal as my best at such a young age, because she grew up to be this red-headed, timeless beauty. Totally natural, and totally elegant. Like, her bone structure, what it that. Amazing. Yes, I'm bragging. Get over it. 

Something we have always done together, and I'm sure a lot of you do with your number ones, is dress up and take each other's photo(s). On this day, I decided it would be fun to style her AND take pics of her. I didn't exactly volunteer it as an option...just kind of told her we were doing that upon her arrival to my house. She's been dealing with this kind of crap for over a decade. 

I wanted to put her in a look that I felt really embodied her style. Stylish, simple, bohemian. I immediately thought of this crotchet dress from Shop Haute Wheels. This darling piece is current with its crotchet detail, but has great flow and movement with it's thin fabric panels.

I had Shan (wait have even mentioned my girl's name? Holy hell Taylor....great friend. Shannon, her name is Shannon) throw on a white slip underneath, but it would also be super cute to throw on a high-waisted swim bottom with a lacy bralette, and a flannel tied around the waist with some sneakers. That would make it a funkier, street-style type look. 

I paired this gem with a super flowy kimono to round out the gypsy vibe I was aiming for, and keep the movement in play. This look in the wind....killer. 

For accessories, I had Shanny wear this vintage wide-brimmed hat, western inspired choker, and a trendy gold slip-on. They were all within the theme I was aiming for but brought in the final and necessary touches of jazz this wardrobe needed.    

Play dress up with your BFF. Cherish one another, And stop being a hag.

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