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Mama's Style

Moms. They grow us (literally, like aliens in their womb), they teach us, and if we are lucky, they become our best friends. I’m one of the lucky ones. 

I want to talk about my mom’s look. Now…I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have always loved what she’s put on, or that her and I have not had conversations where I am standing in her closet holding an item of clothing saying, “why?” BUT, when it comes down to it, the chick has some serious style. 

She’s classy, polished, and within the last year or so she has really pulled in some streetwear vibes. She will claim “oh stop, I need some serious help,” blah blah, meow. Anyway, she is full of it. Mama P is great about dressing for what is current, while still keeping it (age) appropriate. 

Sidebar: I would bet money that you couldn’t guess her age. Bish be aging so gracefully.

I really dig this particular look of hers. It is effortless, cool, and chic. Pretty much perfect for any day-to-day happenings. 

The denim on denim she has put together is spot on, and the heathered grey t-shirt is a flawless/subtle compliment. I am also obsessed with her use of baby pink. She didn’t make it syrupy sweet, but rather, kept is low key with the yummy oversized coat and tiny pop on the back of the kicks. 

Speaking of her shoes…HI. The thick sole and overall style of the shoe is a welcomed throwback. According to her, they are also crazy comfortable. So, plus plus. 

Finally, Mirm (Her name is Miriam, I just realized I never mentioned her name) threw on her DELICIOUS and fabulous Celine sunnies and was out the door. 

So seeing this, you can understand my immense frustration when my mother looks at me in this look and asks “does this make me look frumpy?” ………..GIRL BYE. 

Don’t be afraid to be fierce. Don’t be afraid of layers. Don’t ask your loved ones if you look frumpy when you definitely don’t. And stop being a hag. 

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