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Workout Steeze

Alright y’all. It’s time we get our ish together after the holidays. I was reveal bad, I’m not even going to pretend that I ate clean and organic. Because, kids, that is what we call lying. But hey, that just comes with the season. 

Something that motivates me to get back into the swing of things (as far as my fitness game), as sad as it may sound, is new workout clothes. Even if they aren’t new…a killer workout look really makes me feel like I can tackle the gym. 

When you look, and feel, like a badass…you’ll preform as such. At least that is what I think. 

These digs, in particular, are perfect for keeping you warm while trying to work up a sweat in this chilly weather. 

The white stripe detail on these athletic leggings not only look sweet, but they accentuate the sweet curves of those gams. 

The jacket….is just an overall winner. It’s stylish, cape-like cut and diagonal zipper bring in the swag while still being effortless and cozy. The fabric is also DELICIOUS. 

For final touches, I went with my new sneaks that are crisp and simple, and threw on this fun bobble beanie.

What I love about this get-up is that it is fun AND functional. Perfect for getting in a killer workout while keeping your wits about you. Or…appearing like you do. 

Get it together. Sweat it out. And stop being a hag.  

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