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Literally the second I saw these pants I knew I needed to get them and have a rock&roll moment. Well…ok that’s kind of a lie. I saw them, thought DAMN yes I love those, but eh not totally sure how my thighs are going to look in those bad boys. Anyway, I tried them on and clearly ended up bringing them home with me. 

THIS. LOOK. It is so retro and so rocker that it makes me want to a tacky wall twerk. I could step through the screen and into the movie “Almost Famous” and blend right in. Just saw that movie for the first time recently, by the way. If you haven’t seen it, you should. 

These bangin pants are so fun, but also totally wearable. I put them with this killer print tee and my moto jacket to keep it casual and edgy. But they would also look divine paired with a yummy oversized sweater and some slide-on loafers. In fact…I will probably wear that exact look at some point in the VERY near future. 

Since I went with a more “funky” vibe with the styling here, why wouldn’t I throw on my blue velvet booties. They are completely random here, and it totally works. 

If you are wondering, yes, someone yelled “Beetle Juice” as I was walking by in suburbia. It was in that moment I knew what I was going to title this post. 

Rock it out. Be bold. And stop being a hag.

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